UBF 6 – Take it outside, Santa.

9 12 2009

Ultimate Barista Fighters must be able to defy the elements in order to prove their worthiness, so we’re sending them outside, to pour off in the cold, dark December nights…  On Wednesday the 16th, we’ll meet in the backalleys of East London (well, at Gwilym’s cart on Columbia Road, anyway) to throw down in…. you know it- 8oz takeaway cups! Who can pour the best with frozen fingers? Will wearing gloves prove advantageous or a handicap? Will the milk freeze before it hits the espresso?  You never knew being a UBF fighter would turn this physically challenging, so put your Mukluks and Santa hats on, and we’ll see you at Gwilym’s cart at 7pm!

Tickets to compete here.

Supporters and hecklers: no fee to come along, Happy Christmas to you all! (Thermoses with hot beverages probably useful)

(Also, the Columbia Road shops are open as per their Christmas Wednesdays, so it’s a good time to get those last presents in!)




One response

16 12 2009

was the cart hidden tonight?

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