UBF 9- Buckle up!

27 05 2010

With almost a year’s worth of UBF’s under the belt it is time tie up some loose ends.  So grab a partner, grab a belt and tie yourselves up!

For this challenge we want you put your teamwork to the test.  2 baristas strapped together leaving only 2 arms will have to make an espresso, a cappuccino, and an aeropress.  It will be a head to head battle against another team with the fastest team going through to the finals.  Time penalties will be deducted for spills and poor quality drinks (at the judge’s discretion).

Taylor St Baristas
Unit 3, 125 Old Broad st
(nearest tube Bank, take exit 2 to Threadneedle st)

2 June, 2010


BYO drinks (tesco extra is located 50 metres away on Old Broad st)
All monies raised go to Coffee Kids!

Tickets to compete sold here! Please note that each member of the two man team has to buy one ticket each!

Audience: £5 on the door!




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