What is Ultimate Barista Fighter?

UBF is an opportunity for some of the best baristas around to flex some barista muscle and prove their skill in the age old arena of  bloody combat. Its a bit like fight club but with latte.

There will be a maximum of competitor slots on the night which can be secured by purchasing a ticket from the Square Mile webshop at £5 per slot.  The winners will be determined by crowd unless otherwise stated.

In general, 1st place victor will be awarded a cash prize and 10 UBF league points that are recorded on the leaderboard.

6 points to 2nd

4 points to 3rd

2 points to 4th

1 point to 5th-8th place

All this is entirely subject to change, as we (James, Anette, David and Scott) scheme to come up with increasingly evil and difficult challenges every month, to test the true skill and flexibility of our UBF challengers.

There will be 10 Throwdowns per year with training / down time in June and December. May will see the end of the season and the crowning of the Ultimate Barista Fighter who also gets a grand prize (to be announced but is sure to be good!)

Each Throwdown will be a battle for the competitors with new challenges and applicable rules etc., announced around 2 weeks before the event. Sign up to the feed to be the first to know!

Trash talk, costumes and Fighter identities will be encouraged, potentially rewarded, and quite possibly mandatory!

Prepare yourself for the Ultimate Barista Fighting League..

Can you bring it?

If you want to host a UBF battle and can come up with a challenge to test the limits of the fighters, email us with your ideas and we’ll get the show on the road!


5 responses

19 07 2009

“Its a bit like fight club but with latte.”

…. no holds barred full fat milk too I’ll bet?

22 07 2009

The First Rule of UBF – You don’t talk about UBF
The Second Rule – You DON’T talk about UBF
Third Rule – Saying Expresso is punishable by death

6 08 2009
Dann de Wolff

Man I actually wish I lived in England! I want to be there, and beat you all!

18 08 2009

Quick note to the authors, there’s no link to this blog from the twitter account.

25 10 2009


Who would I (on behalf of South Africa’s speciality coffee lovers, baristas and the like) need to speak to in order to try set up something like this in good ol’ South Africa?

Been chatting to friends and colleagues from Origin Coffee Roasting (Jo Berry, ex-Dose barista now works with them) and Red Cherry Roasters and are super keen to look at setting up something like this. The S.A. speciality coffee community needs some serious development – there’s not enough fun and relationship building happening between roasters and cafe’s.

Love what you guys are doing!!!


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