UBF IV Results

3 11 2009

Much fun was had by all at UBF IV!  This time the night was won by a newcomer – Brett “Red Man” Redman, who had kindly hosted the previous event at the Victoria Park Pavilion.

It was a night of outstanding pouring into tiny little cups.  Everyone had to pour rosettas in round one, hearts in round two and tulips in round three.  For the finals the two competitors had to pour one of each from a single pitcher.


1st – Brett “Red Man” Redman – 10 pts

2nd – James “Big Jim” Phillips – 6 pts

3rd – Scott “Captain Tugboat” Griffiths – 4pts

4th – Phil “Panic Attack” Walker – 2pts

There were also a couple of short videos from the night.

From James:

UBF IV from James Hoffmann on Vimeo.

From David Walsh:

Ultimate Barista Fighter from The Other Black Stuff on Vimeo.

Hopefully we’ll get some photos from the night posted soon!


Round 2 – Results

18 08 2009

This is just a quick post to update the scores after tonight’s competition.

Bigger and better than last time! More spectators, more cheering, an insanely hot room!

The fickle wheel of fortune demanded many challenges from competitors but utimately Scott “Captain Tugboat” Griffiths came out on top:

1st – Scott “Captain Tugboat” Griffiths – 10 points

2nd – Neil “Number 1” Le Bihan – 6 points

3rd – David “El Grifo” Gibbons – 4 points

4th – Lynsey Harley – 2 points

All those who made it to round 2 also got one point.  Check the leaderboard for updated scores!

Expect many photos, and videos too very soon!

Round 1 Results

23 07 2009

The first round was an absolutely packed house, with nearly 80 people crowding into the Square Mile Roastery to watch the action!

16 baristas, from London, Brighton and Reading went head to head pouring in 6oz cups for cheers of the crowd who decided who won each round.  The crowd were awesome!  So noisy, and they picked a great winner!


1st – David “El Grifo” Gibbons – 10 points

2nd – James “Big Jim” Phillips – 6 points

3rd – Neil “Number 1” Le Bihan – 4 points

4th – Gwilym “WBC ’09” Davies – 2 points

Those that made it through the first round also got 1 point.  The best place to see how people are progressing is on the League Table page

Thank you to Ross Brown for MC’ing, Bea’s of Bloomsbury and Cindy Chang- ED of the WBC for bringing delicious treats, Ulala and Mr. Inoue of Voila Coffee in Japan for supplying the evening’s Battle Espresso, Flick of Taste of Bitter Love for colouring in the prize artwork, and everyone who came for either competing or yelling at the people competing!

El Grifo pours into front of an expectant crowd

El Grifo pours into front of an expectant crowd

The crowd relaxes after the results

The crowd relaxes after the results

We will posting details of the next challenge sooon (it is decided – we’re just not quite ready to reveal it yet!) along with a date and venue.  Make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed!