UBF Round 4 coming soon!

23 10 2009

Friday the 30th, Square Mile Roastery, a challenge that might seem small but surely will separate the mighty from the mice….

More info and ticket link tomorrow!


UBF ROUND 3 – Tickets, Event and More

25 09 2009

For those of you competing you’ll want to click here to grab a ticket before they all go!

The Event:

Time: 7.30pm (7pm for Competitors)
Date: September 30th

Venue: Pavilion Cafe, Corner of Globe Road and Old Ford Road, Victoria Park.


Attendance to spectate is £4 on the door, or free if you bring treats/beer!  Come down and cheer on your favourites!

The Challenge is a speed challenge.

Competitors must make 4 drinks: Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White & Macchiato.

They can only steam 1 pitcher of milk for all drinks.

Cappuccino and Flat White must contain 2 shots.

This is a time trial. Time penalties for:

  • Incorrect Milk Temperature (Below 50C or Above 70C)
  • Poor milk foam (ideally 2-3cm for a capp, less than 2cm for latte and flat white)
  • Incorrect shot times (outside of 20-30 seconds)
  • Spillages
  • Wasted ground coffee
  • Drinks with latte art with receive time bonuses. A full explanation will be given on the night to all competitors. Jugs, milk, coffee and cups will be provided.

    UBF Round 3: Blazing Pitchers!

    23 09 2009

    It is all change for the next round of the UBF.  New challenge, new venue and space for new competitors.

    The challenge:

    Speed round

    2 group Linea. 1 Anfim Super Caimano.  1 Pitcher.  4 drinks. 1 ticking clock…

    In a race against the clock baristas will have to prepare a cappuccino, a flat white, a latte and a macchiato.*

    There will be time penalties for:  bad shots, foam failures, incorrect milk temp, spills and mess and for taking too damn long.

    Bonus points available for latte art.

    The venue:

    Victoria Park Pavilion

    Corner of Old Ford Road & Grove Road


    E9 7DE

    30th September – 7.30pm start time.  (Competitors arrive for 7pm)

    More details – including more rules and spectator info – up in the next day or so.

    Competitor’s tickets up 6pm this Friday.

    UBF 2 in HD!

    19 08 2009

    The Majestic El Grifo in action! Henry Dillon posted this last night as the echos of the crowd faded and the battle weary baristas slipped into the night. There were many cameras flashing throughout the event so please be sure to upload them all to the UBF flickr page and help to document this bout.

    Thanks to all who came and made the night a success. The cakes and pies and pastries were all very much appreciated and special thanks to Bronwen and Francis for the massive wheel of brie! Wowzer! Thanks to Paul from coffee hit for adding to the prize cache and to Nigel at Menor for providing the printed knockout chart with art work from David Gibbons. Mat North of Beyond the Bean did a grand job of manning the door and Ross Brown kept the crowd simmering with his MC skills, thanks to them! Finally, a big thank you to Emily Oak for providing the competition espresso from AIR.

    Stay tuned for info on the UBF 3 and we look forward to looking to seeing you next time!

    Round 2 – Results

    18 08 2009

    This is just a quick post to update the scores after tonight’s competition.

    Bigger and better than last time! More spectators, more cheering, an insanely hot room!

    The fickle wheel of fortune demanded many challenges from competitors but utimately Scott “Captain Tugboat” Griffiths came out on top:

    1st – Scott “Captain Tugboat” Griffiths – 10 points

    2nd – Neil “Number 1” Le Bihan – 6 points

    3rd – David “El Grifo” Gibbons – 4 points

    4th – Lynsey Harley – 2 points

    All those who made it to round 2 also got one point.  Check the leaderboard for updated scores!

    Expect many photos, and videos too very soon!

    Round 2 – Wheel of Fortune SOLD OUT!!!

    12 08 2009

    Challenge: ACF 7oz cups. Can you pour on demand? The wheel of fortune will decide the pours. Can you bring it…..?

    Competitors: Tickets – £5 (Prize fund of £50 + some barista wares)

    Please arrive at 7pm for the draw, or let us know if you are running late.

    Spectators: Do not buy tickets! Entry – £4 on the door, £3 with a UBF Badge (or free if you bring some beer or food).

    There will be beer and delicious eatings provided (hence the cover charge and option to avoid it).

    Massive thanks to Paul from CoffeeHit.co.uk for agreeing to add to the prize pot for each event!

    Round 2 – 18th August

    6 08 2009


    TICKETS for those who wish TO COMPETE will go ON SALE WEDNESDAY 6 PM , link to purchase will be posted here at that time!

    Get in there early, first come first serve!

    This is just a quick post to tell you to make a note in your diaries, free up the evening and to get the day off work (if you need!).

    The next event will be on Tuesday 18th August, starting at 7.30pm at Square Mile Coffee Roasters.

    We’ll be announcing the challenge and putting tickets up for entry in the next week.

    There will be a (very) small cover charge to attend the next one – but there will be beer and food in return!Y